Add a New Product

Even if you don't enter an image now
leave I%%space.gif so that you can add an image later if you wish
See additional instructions below

Product ID  A Unique Product Number
Image Name
Sale/Clearance  a Zero = regular price, 1=Clearance, 2=Sale
Quantity  instructions below

Add New Item
    Brief Explanation of Items Above
  • Product ID
       A unique Product ID Number is entered here. Don't worry, the script will let you know if it isn't
  • Category
       Use an existing category or start a new one. If you add a new category, when you have finished adding products to it, go to edit main pages and edit the Catalog page for the changes to take affect.
  • Your Price
       The price. You don't have to add your currency symbol here, the script knows what you are using. 29.95, or whatever the price is, that's all you need
  • The Headline
       This is just a short description of your product, 3 to 6 words will do
  • Image Name
       If you aren't adding an image at this time leave the setting the way it is. For a new image leave the I%% and add your image name behind it, like I%%imagename.gif or I%%imagename.jpg A good size for the shopping cart is around 150x150
       If your image is to large for your shopping cart try L%%imagename.gif or L%%imagename.jpg This will put a 'link' to the image in your cart, that will open in a new window for your customer to see, displaying the image at it's full size
    Remember, you still have to load your images on the main page of the control panel
  • Description
       This description will show up in your shopping cart for everyone to read what your product is about. This is your chance to 'sell' the product to your visitors
  • Sale/Clearance
       This is default to 0, or regular price. If you want to mark an item as clearance, set it to 1. For a sale item place a 2 in this box. This will make the words show up in the individual shopping cart for this product
  • Quantity
       Even if you don't have a quantity on hand our script needs to believe you do. Everytime you sell a product, this number will decrease. 100 is a good starting point
  • Options
       Leave this setting as is, O%%. This is the default setting. If you have options that you would like added to a product, like 'Sm, Med or Lge', contact your mall manager for assistance.
  • Weight
       The weight of an item is essential for calculating shipping at checkout for your customers. Even if you have this option turned off, we still need a weight in the database for your shop to function. The default 0 will work just fine

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