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 Change Main Settings  ~ Change Shop Settings, directories, paths, etc.  
 Add New Item    ~ Add a new item to your database  
 Add New Images    ~ Add New Images to your Database  
 Edit/Delete Item    ~ Edit or delete an Item in your database  
 Sort the Database    ~ Sort database by product, category or price 
 Edit Main Pages    ~ Change the content of your HTML pages 
 Password Manager  ~ Change passwords often for this script.  
 Options/Database Editor    ~ Create/Edit Options and Shopping Data 
 Retrieve Orders    ~ View and Remove Current Orders  

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Logging in to your control panel brings you to this first screen. This is where you run your website and online catalog.

If you click on each link in turn in the panel above, it will take you on to the next stage of developing your website.

Control Panels Demo for Luckenbooth Shopping Cart and Web Design Software